StarHub links up with VWOs to celebrate SG50

With the Singapore's Golden Jubilee fast approaching, StarHub has partnered up with nine voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) to spread the nation's message of inclusiveness through a performance of Home, a National Day favourite.

Intended to remind Singaporeans of less privileged citizens who share the same love for their country, the rendition will be sung in Singapore's four official languages – English, Tamil, Malay and Mandarin. Additionally, this arrangement of Home will feature a diverse range of talents from multiple VWOs. As an accompany to the song's recording, a music video was filmed across the properties of different VMOs and at the People's Park Complex in a three day period. This video will be unveiled on StarHub's social media platforms on YouTube and Facebook, TV channels and in Golden Village cinemas to extend the song's reach.


StarHub - Home by HomesCome this National Day, some will celebrate how far we’ve come. Others, how far we’ll go. But here at StarHub, we want to celebrate the people behind it all – all of us. This includes people we don’t often come across, like our friends from Elderly, Children’s and Special Needs Homes. So watch the video and sing along! Let’s celebrate National Day as one united people, one family, one Singapore.

Posted by StarHub on Sunday, July 12, 2015


StarHub customers can then take action and support the nine VWOs by redeeming 50 StarHub Rewards Points, which will trigger a SG$5 donation from telecommunications company. The money for these donations will be drawn from the StarHub Sparks Fund, the organisation's philanthropy vehicle.

“As we reflect on the progress Singapore has achieved, this song reminds us all what ‘Home’ really means,” said Jeannie Ong, Starhub's chief strategic partnership officer who oversees its corporate philanthropy efforts. “Home is not a place; it is made of our people and lives in our hearts. This idea of home belongs to each and every Singaporean. Hence, this year, we want to inspire Singaporeans to care, share, volunteer and donate to worthy causes, and make this SG50 a truly special celebration for the nation.”

Managing director at DDB Group Singapore, StarHub's advertising agency, Rowena Bhagchandani also said:"Singapore is what it is today because of all its people; as diverse as they and their homes might be. There are many amongst us who may not be very privileged and might even be forgotten amidst the SG50 celebrations, yet their Singaporean pride runs as deep as our own. We want to celebrate them and their homes, and make them the stars of our celebration.”

Moreover, StarHub will also be running five weeks of free television previews that will culminate in six days of all-access viewing of more than 150 channels during the week of the National Day. Limited-time mobile and broadband services will also be offered during this period.

The VWO's involved are Asian Women’s Welfare Association, Senior Citizens’ Home, Boys’ Town, Breakthrough Missions, Geylang East Home for the Aged, Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, Red Cross Home for the Disabled, Singapore Association for the Deaf and the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped