StarHub CEO jumps on iPhone hype to make first appearance

StarHub's CEO, Peter Kaliaropoulos (pictured right), made his first appearance in the telco's marketing efforts recently, featuring in the video titled "Operation Delivery". Kaliaropoulos, who joined in July this year, is seen on his way to surprise one of the StarHub's loyal customers, Edwin (pictured left), with an iPhone XS Max. According to Kaliaropoulos, Edwin has used StarHub since it first launched and is the first customer to receive the new iPhone.

Kaliaropoulos also thanked all StarHub customers, saying that the company is listening, taking action and trying to find ways to "improve and become a much better company" that is focused on its customers. "We believe we have a number of exciting initiatives coming forward, and over the next few weeks and months. Hopefully we will surprise, pleasantly, the majority of our customers," he added. The video is conceptualised with BLKJ.

The Facebook video garnered over 263 reactions, 53 comments and 64 shares at the time of writing. Netizens reactions were mixed, with some praising StarHub for recognising and rewarding its loyal customers. Others, however, said the video was just a publicity stunt and they have yet to receive any perks from StarHub despite using the telco for over a decade.

Donovan Kik, vice president, segment and marketing, StarHub said in a statement to Marketing that the video sums up the company's desire to connect with and delight customers at every chance it gets, building on its customer-focused culture.

"And what better way than to have our CEO be involved in this effort, as we mark our 18th year of operations. We feel the privilege is ours when 18 of our most loyal customers gave us the opportunity to deliver memorable experiences to them. Customers mean a lot to StarHub, and we will always try harder to win their hearts and minds," Kik added.

Rowena Bhagchandani, CEO and co-founder of BLKJ told Marketing that sometimes the most impactful of ideas is to go back to basics.

"Having the CEO go down to a loyal customers house and make his day more memorable plus also getting StarHubbers to do the same to multiple long service customers and iPhone loyalists gets us excited. Really does show their focus on their customers and that the team is prepared to work even harder," she said.