Starbucks celebrates 15 years through CSR

In celebrating its 15th anniversary in December 2013, Starbucks Malaysia has launched several initiatives in giving back to the community and consumers.

One such initiative is its "Connecting Communities in Malaysia" project, to benefit the rural farming villages within Malaysia.

The project's first contribution is geared towards Kampung Lubok Jaya, a rural village in the outskirts of Kuala Selangor, where their stream of income is gained from agriculture with bananas being its main source.

Bananas will be purchased directly from the farm and processed into several banana-based products including muffins, biscotti, Danish and biscuits.

These products will be retailed at all Starbucks stores nationwide with proceeds from every product traded to be channelled to building a Community Computer Centre for the children of the village.

With the aid of HOPE Worldwide Malaysia, course syllabus, materials, and classes will ensure full practice of the centre. English language classes and other extracurricular classes will also be included as part of their course outline.

"With the help of our volunteers, we hope to equip the children with the essential computer technology skills and knowledge, which would aid them when they venture into the working world," said Katy Lee (second from right), executive director of HOPE Worldwide Malaysia.

Supporting the Connecting Communities in Malaysia project is the introduction of the Limited Edition Starbucks Malaysia 15th anniversary card, which hit stores nationwide from 23 April.

Using the Starbucks card to support the initiative, purchases of any banana-based product through any of the cards will have 15% of the purchases donated to the project.

"The simple act of using a card allows the public to contribute to the on-going well being of rural communities here in Malaysia," said Sydney Quays (centre), managing director of Starbucks Malaysia.

Starbucks is using social media and in-store promotional material to get consumers to support the initiative.

The initiative towards Kampung Lubuk Jaya commenced on 23 April, with the completion of the Community Computer Center to take place tentatively in December 2013, in line with Starbucks Malaysia's 15th anniversary celebration.