Star RFM refreshes its content

Malaysia - After his departure from Astro Radio's Hitz FM, JJ now shares the airwaves with Lil Kev on Red FM's newly launched breakfast show.

The new show, called The Red Breakfast WTF (With Two Fellas), will see the duo working together in changing the way radio is done.

"We want to bring radio back to the point where people talk about it. It has become very predictable today with more people tweeting than calling in," said Lil Kev.

"Radio is about interaction and we want to bring that back. Malaysians have so many interesting stories to share, so we want to make our show more interactive, not playing too much in digital mediums," explained JJ.

On his departure from Hitz, JJ says that it was time for a new challenge and a chance to expand his experiences.

The station also introduced stand-up comedians Papizak and Kavin Jay to the airwaves, as they take on ‘The Really Really Late Breakfast Show' at 2pm daily, with Adam C taking helm of ‘The Red Rush with Adam C' at 5pm.

Yesterday also marked the relaunch of Suria FM's breakfast show with Adibah Noor joining Halim Othman, marking her first venture into radio.

"She is one who hasn't been on radio before, so she is extremely excited. We realised that these two shows will bring a difference to the Malaysian radio industry, listeners and advertisers," said Kudsia Kahar, deputy chief broadcast officer/COO, Star RFM.

While Red and Suria FM are set to relaunch its new look soon, Kahar adds that Star RFM's 988 and Capital FM will also soon see a refreshed look.

"The plan was to create a group resource within the company first. We wanted to make sure that the support system was built first, before new products got rolled out. Today, we have an integrated promotions department and our marketing department is a group resource.

With the new products now, Suria FM will see a new logo, Red FM a new logo and tagline, 988 a new look and Capital FM will hopefully soon expand," said Kahar.

With 988 soon to be relaunched in March, Kahar said that the station aims to target crowds who want substance, have disposable income and want to make intelligent choices.

"We are also confident about creating multiple video content to be shared online, allowing clients and sponsors to be involved with the stations if not on air. This will bring up different opportunities for clients and advertisers," said Kahar.