Star Radio Group chooses GfK for its first radio audience measurement

Star Radio group has awarded its first radio audience measurement for 2014 to GfK. The international market research company has been assigned to carry out the radio audience measurement for the four radio brands under the Star Radio group; Red FM, SuriaFM, 988 and Capital FM.

Star Radio Group had previously engaged Nielsen to carry out its radio audience measurement, which captured radio listening habits through the diary format. However, the Group said it identified the limitations posed by this conventional method of measuring radio listenership, due to the change in the media landscape and listeners’ lifestyle.

GfK measures audiences, including radio ratings in several countries including Germany, the Netherlands and Australia, implements a multi-mode approach in its study. Some of the key elements of this study are mobile data capture, online recruitment of participants and online data capture, which are in line with Star Radio Group’s aim in ensuring the validity and reliability of the radio audience measurement. This is strengthened with the introduction of e-diary for computers, tablets and mobile phones that synchronized across the internet and compatible with all operating system.

Star Radio Group's chief operating officer, Kudsia Kahar (pictured) talked about the vitality of the decision and the impact it has on the radio industry. She said since GfK had won the bid to measure radio audiences in Australia, which has a "dynamic radio industry",  it only seemed logical to choose the market research company for Star Radio Group as well.

She further added that GfK "came prepared with paper diaries, e-diaries and m-diaries", which was a stark difference from before where the company solely relied on paper diaries.

She concluded by saying that digital engagement with potential and current customers is the focus for some of SRG's biggest clients, and that via GfK, the company has been able to provide such solutions.