Star Media Group doubles down on data and analytics with Cxense tie-up

Star Media Group has partnered with Norway-based Cxense to use its suite of tools in the group's websites and mobile applications as part of its ongoing transformation. Among the suite of tools include data management platform (DMP), content and insights.

Cxense will work closely with the different business units within Star Media Group to implement the tools and leverage the wealth of data available across the group's sites and sources. Star Media Group intends to use Cxense to provide the group with a holistic view of its sites, content and visitors' intent. At the heart of Cxense's technology is its DMP which facilities automatic capture of data in real-time across all devices.

This allows the ability to combine first, second and third party data, analyse it, develop individual user profiles and audience segments, and put the data to work across Star Media Group's sites and multi-channel marketing plan. The real-time user profiles enables the group to adapt to users when they visit each time, giving users content that's tailored to their interests, needs and location.

Cxense provides advertising, data managment, search, analytics and content recommendation services. Headquartered in Oslo, it has offices in cities including Tokyo, London, Berlin, New York and San Francisco.

The group's senior GM for analytics, Freddy Loo, said the collaboration is aligned to its transformation agenda, aligning all the data assets and embedding this capability to the entire fabric of the organisation.

“The pages are analysed to generate content profiles, with information from tags and free text content,  including author, people, locations, and companies, plus data from your own tags. All these analysis, makes for exciting analysis and insights about the user," Loo explained.

Meanwhile, the group's chief technology officer, Kang Yew Jin, said says Cxense offers tag management, application analytics, interaction analytics, web analytics, behaviour targeting, online testing and recommendation engine all in one.

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)