Stanley Plaza and G.O.D. launch romantic "couples-only" installations

Stanley Plaza is launching a campaign in collaboration with local brand G.O.D., offering installations and gifts to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day.

The campaign "caang toi goek" (撐枱腳) is running until 28 March, featuring couples-only selfie installations where lovers can stare across a cosy dining table into each other’s eyes while playing a flirtatious game of footsie. This collaboration takes cues from classic Hong Kong film posters to transform Stanley Plaza and Murray House into a modern "cha chaan teng" (Hong Kong-style cafés) and chic wine bar aglow with retro neon lights against a backdrop of iconic G.O.D. prints.first stanley plaza x g.o.d. campaign caang toi goek 6In addition to the installations, a Valentine's Day market was opened during 14 to 15 February at Murray House, delighting visitors with handmade delicacies and goodies from local brands, including handmade candles from DeepMemory and clothing from ESORA. The market also featured pet goods from Noah Pet Pet to showcase the pet-friendly policy at Stanley Plaza.

Lastly, as the icing on the cake, customers spending a designated amount at Stanley Plaza during the campaign period using electronic payment methods can receive a personalised Valentine’s Day water bottle and mug featuring iconic G.O.D. prints.

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