Standard Chartered promotes credit card through data and micro content

Hong Kong people are familiar with credit cards while cash rebate and airline miles are always appealing to price-sensitive customers. Standard Chartered took a data-driven micro-content approach to reach relevant customers to better promote its Simply Cash Visa Card.

The research team of this project used data from over 6,000 research respondents to identify a wide range of interest categories for Hong Kong’s millennials, covering shopping, beauty, travel, fitness, dining and more. The data was used to create a TVC featuring Pakho Chau and Rainie Yang to demonstrate how the card could be used for every lifestyle interest.

Other than the 60-second advertising, over 200 unique bumper adverts were created for audience segments watching relevant lifestyle videos on YouTube, helping drive higher awareness and conversion in a data-informed, creative and targeted manner. This flock content was created based on a combination of search data, behavioral data and Google micro-moment targeting; and developed using Vogon, a tool allowing brands to embed text, audio or images within their videos to generate unlimited variations.

Standard Chartered Credit Card

Partnered with TBWA\Hong Kong, Carat and iProspect, Standard Chartered's credit card provides cash rebate with no conditions attached on any transaction.

“In this digitally advanced market where many apply for credit cards seamlessly online, it makes sense to explore new digital approaches – and by leveraging the most popular online media platform that already understands the individual customer’s interests and lifestyles, it allows us to apply more personal and relevant content which we believe will help achieve a greater ROI for this campaign," said Esmond Mok, regional head, corporate affairs & brand and marketing, Greater China & North Asia at Standard Chartered.