SRC pleads guilty to insensitive Carousell ads of domestic workers

SRC Recruitment is the first firm in Singapore to plead guilty to charges for insensitive advertising, following court proceedings on 26 March. According to a report on The Straits Times, SRC Recruitment has pleaded guilty to 45 charges in court, which included initiating advertisements of foreign domestic workers on Carousell.

Last October, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) prosecuted SRC Recruitment and one of its employment agency personnel. SRC Recruitment's licence was also suspended and the company was fined SG$20,000. On the listings, domestic workers are tagged with a price and marked as "sold" after being hired.

According to the news reports, MOM prosecutor Vala M called out the advertisements from SRC Recruitment for promoting foreign domestic workers "in a manner akin to commodity that could be bought and sold."

Additionally, she highlighted that the ministry had sent out alerts over the past few years emphasising the need for agencies to refrain from casting the foreign domestic workers in an "undignified light."

The advertisements were posted under a Carousell account named "maid.recruitment." A check by Marketing on the profile found that all listings had been taken down. The company is also being charged for not displaying its full name and licence number on its posts. Vala said that doing so is "a necessary safeguard against unlicensed employment agencies."