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Case Study: Spread-it Limited and VITA Lemon Tea launch the VLT Challenge

Case Study: Spread-it Limited and VITA Lemon Tea launch the VLT Challenge

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The pandemic and the social unrest of the past two years have created a gloomy atmosphere in Hong Kong, and most of the general public have grown bored with the stay-home activities. VITA Lemon Tea (VLT), as one of the most popular packaged drink brands, launched their newly designed special packaging of VLT with a fun and creative “VLT challenge” to invigorate and reenergise society again.

The new VLT special pack designs were launched at the end of 2020. All of the designs feature graphics with difficult poses including the handstand, cycling on the wall and even “falling” from a building. Customers are encouraged to recreate poses on the pack as part of the VLT challenge with clever photo angles to create the illusion of completing the task. The special pack not only brings a new design for consumers to look at, but also creates a new experience, combining photography and enjoyment of the drink. Inviting friends is also encouraged in the challenge by tagging them on social media to increase the exposure as well as increase the number of participants in the VLT challenge.spread it 2310343Objective:
To leverage the challenge and promote the launch of VLT special pack, influencers are invited to join the VLT challenge by following the posture on the package, taking a photo with the new drink packaging nearby, and tagging friends in order to widely promote the new package of VLT and build public awareness of the campaign through their influence. VITA Lemon Tea hopes to create an idea of viewing life at different perspectives through the campaign.

Spread-it, the largest influencer platform in Hong Kong, with over 20,000 local micro-influencers, helps brands create awareness on social media in a short period of time to create an explosion of exposure.

VLT developed a collaboration with Spread-it, inviting more than 100 micro-influencers on Instagram to participate in the VLT challenge campaign. Influencers would pick any one of the three poses from the special packs and create their own photos with different tools or venues selected for the image. For instance, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre is one of the most popular venues for creating one of the visuals as it matched with the design on the pack. The new VLT packs have also been placed beside them in the photo to maximise the effectiveness of promoting the new designs and the challenge. Influencers would then share on social media and promote the challenge by tagging at least two of their friends in the post to become two of their friends in the post to become participants in the challenge.

Spread-it’s unique and groundbreaking technology helped VLT find suitable influencers with high Hong Kong followings to help increase the authenticity of the campaign. Additionally, Spread-it allowed VLT to closely track the campaign, providing unique data from the results. 

spread it 13088871Results:
With the help of micro-influencers, more than 100 social feeds related to the campaign shared posts mainly targeting VLT’s target audience of locals aged 25 to 34. With Spread-it’s technology, the influencers chosen had profiles that contained an average of more than 75% of Hong Kong followers.

Across these 100 social feeds, the posts received over 24,000 engagements and reached more than 180,000 Instagram users, spreading info about the campaign, the VLT challenge and the new special packaging for VLT.

This article is sponsored by Spread-it Limited. 

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