Spotify plays up personalisation with customised user listening data

Spotify has brought back its annual personalised "Spotify Wrapped" feature and netizens are onboard. Taking a more nostalgic route, this year's Wrapped feature will include users' listening throughout the last decade. Songs, albums, artists, and podcasts discovered throughout 2019, as well as most streamed artists throughout the decade on Spotify will be unveiled to users.

Spotify users who have used the platform for at least two years will get a personalised recap highlighting their top artist and total minutes streamed throughout the decade, as well as top artist and song for each year. Users can the relive their top tracks in a personalised playlist, or take a look at the most-streamed songs on Spotify this year and throughout the decade.

The bar graphs also shares with users the genre of music they tune in to, and amount of time spent on the platform each year. Meanwhile, Spotify Premium users will even get to go a little deeper, with access to additional personalised data stories and insights about their year in listening that includes the number of artists they discovered and the top artist they discovered this year. In addition, Spotify is also showing how global users' listening are by highlighting where some of the top artists hail from on a world map.

Since Wrapped rolled out with updates for each user yesterday, netizens are sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter who their artist of the decade is or top songs played this year alone.



Meanwhile, to drum up the PR value of this new initiative even further, gor every artist, Spotify has also created a tailor-made experience summarising the highlights of their year on the platform.

My artist of the decade is -  unsurprisingly - Rihanna.

What have you been listening to?