Spotify injects humour into haze season with 'punny' playlist


The haze season has probably gotten Malaysians thinking "Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air?". In a bid to lighten up the unpleasant situation, Spotify launched a playlist titled "Hazed & Confused" featuring a series of songs which are clearly pun intended. The description also reads: "Haze is a strong word, but we really really really don't like you."

Among the list of 68 songs featured include "No Air", "Harder to Breathe", "thank u, next", "We Didn't Start The Fire", "Hijau", "Ruin My Life", "Bad Day", "Every Breath You Take", "Work From Home", "Breathless", "Eyes On Fire" and "Oxygen Mask".

The playlist currently has 5,321 followers and lasts for about 4 hours and 28 minutes. A+M has reached out to Spotify for comment.

Spotify is not the only one that has tried to be "less toxic" in this situation. Recently, Durex Singapore scheduled a Facebook event September titled “Liberate Singapore From The Haze With A Huge Blow Job!” According to the event description, Durex wants consumers to join it in “what could be the biggest ever blowjob performed by a nation to a nation”.

“On the 18 September 2019, do your part and find a spot outdoors that has an unobstructed Southward facing position. At exactly 3:30pm let us unite to huff and puff the haze back to where it came from,” the post said. Consumers are also urged to tag the brand on Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #blowforacause. Actstitude Communications was responsible for the event.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user in Malaysia also urged citizens to unite and blow the haze back to Indonesia by pointing their desk and standing fans towards the country. He also posted a doodle of the KL tower being transformed into into a huge fan and instructions for residents in Sabah and Sarawak to point their fans south to ensure the haze would be blown back to Indonesia. In response, Shopee tweeted a link to the user and informed him that the fan can be delivered in 24 hours.

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