SPH Radio launches a station just for men

SPH Radio has launched a designated radio station for Singaporean men called ONE FM 91.3.

ONE FM, on the 91.3FM frequency, is Singapore’s only station targeting males over 30, offering them specially curated music to their tastes along with sports and men's lifestyle news. It runs with the tagline “Real Music”.

In a press statement, SPH said the name was chosen by the target audience and named to reflect the fact that it’s the “only radio station of its kind”. Sim Hong Huat, general manager of SPH Radio, said after reviewing the radio landscape in Singapore, SPH found a gap in the market and jumped at the opportunity to create a station unlike others.

“With the success of Kiss92, the only female-targeted radio station in Singapore, we decided to embark on this bold move to serve the male demographics,” Sim said. He added that the stations clients and partners will also benefit by having the ability to be more specific in targeting their potential customers.