IMDA and SPH partnerup to create short form digital video content

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) have partnered up to produce and distribute short form digital video content on SPH multimedia platforms as part of a public service broadcast initiative.

The programmes will feature local content produced in both English and Mandarin, on key themes such as current affairs, culture, sports, entertainment and lifestyle.

The first series, InstaScram, will be launched across various SPH sites and platforms, including AsiaOne and Stomp. Other anchor series include AskST, a programme produced in conjunction with The Straits Times' Ask ST initiative that aims to educate Singaporeans by curating and answering readers’ questions. There is also a Why It matters initiative, which is a Chinese-language animation series that explains major global issues and trends, and their relevance to and potential impact on Singaporeans.

Alan Chan, CEO of SPH, said with the digital medium becoming increasingly visual, videos are an important and growing segment of digital content consumption.

“The convergence between infocomm and media presents fresh opportunities to showcase and deliver compelling content to a wider, and increasingly digital savvy audience.” said Gabriel Lim, CEO, IMDA.

“We hope our collaboration with SPH, known for its strength in factual content, will continue to encourage Singaporeans to watch and appreciate local productions,” he added.