Spa Esprit Group creates vulva-themed art show


Breaking the taboos of vulva care, Spa Esprit Group launched its "Voyage to the Vulva Verse" campaign. Along with the company's brands, STRIP and TWO L(I)PS, the campaign includes a vulva-themed art show, with physical and virtual gallery experiences. 

Given that the vulva might be a sensitive topic for some in society, the founder of Spa Esprit Group, Cynthia Chua notes that one of the constraints the company encountered was the lack of awareness and education around the vulva. Through STRIP, Spa Esprit Group found out that the best way to broach sensitive or controversial topics is through wittiness, cheekiness, and humour. In an attempt to break down the taboos and tackle this difficult topic, art, an integral DNA of Spa Esprit Group was chosen as the medium. 

While many women still shy away or feel uncomfortable broaching the topic of vulva care, Chua said that it was important to break taboos and change perspectives.  Aiming to highlight the vulva as a natural and beautiful part of the body, the company collaborated with eight artists to express the vulva in a variety of mediums such as 3D, digital illustrations, and a virtual landscape. 


"One of the key criteria for artist selection was how passionate and open they were when delving into the topic of vulva care and intimate health," added Chua. 

While Spa Esprit Group declined to comment on the monetary value of the campaign, Chua told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that its ROI is measured by how the company would be able to drive normality with conversations in regards to vulva care. With an aim to create a safe space for women, the company wanted to lead a movement to break the taboos surrounding the conversation about the vulva, hoping it would remove the embarrassment, negativity, the social and cultural stigma around the topic. 

Besides reaching out to lifestyle, beauty, arts, culture, and event platforms, key media and influencers were invited to preview the art show two days before it was opened to the public. Hoping to drum up more awareness, the art show was opened to the public at zero cost. 

Additionally, there was also an interactive live polling session held during the company's digital press conference with the media and influencers. According to Chua, the campaign has garnered over 5,400 poll entries to date. The company has also partnered with Go with the Flow, local non-profit organisation that aims to eradicate period poverty and period shame to further build on the conversation surrounding the vulva and extending it to include conversations around period and period care.

Aside from working with Access Communications agency, the company's PR and communications partners, there were a couple of other agencies Spa Esprit Group worked closely with for the Voyage to the Vulva-verse campaign. Separately, the company has worked with Division Communications for the conceptualisation and setup of the physical exhibition at Hatch Art Project. 

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