Sony Xperia fights back with technology

Word on the street about Sony’s latest venture is a “significant” and “most ambitious” campaign for its newest Xperia phone.

Last Friday, Hong Kong finally saw its local push: after the debut of OOH and print ads mid-week, the 23-second TVC sells the phone’s audio, visual and technological craftsmanship – qualities which Sony is famous for.

Dubbed “Best of Sony in a phone”, the theme of the global launch was “Be Moved”: whereby users and viewers of the phone and the commercial should be mesmerised by what it has to offer, said Joyce Tang, senior marketing manager of Hong Kong and Macau for Sony Mobile Communications.

“In the print ads, we’ve merged the images of the machine and the human in a sense where our designs are so delicate we really become a part of your daily lives,” said Tang, adding that originality, screen design, audio, video and material are the characteristics they wish to emphasise in the new campaign.

“Our previous campaigns were very much about design, now we’ve upped a level to talk about craftsmanship: consumers should be moved by our products; their moods should change after they’ve used our products.”

And this shift in emphasis is how Sony plans to compete with its competitors, Samsung and Apple.

“Everyone knows that Sony has good technologies: we were the first ones to come up with the walkman,” Tang said. “Good design is really not enough for us: of course we’re pretty, but how pretty? We want to have a technological back up that solidly supports that.”

The TVC and OOH and print ads are supported by an online campaign on Instagram, whereby fans can add a Sony Mobile hashtag on images that dictate their touching moments to win a phone.

Closer to April, Sony Mobile Hong Kong will also launch a series of Easter-themed road show activities near Sai Yeung Choi Street.

The creative agency in charge was Turn Creative.