Sony taps influencers to translate complex technology concepts

Sony's latest digital campaign has tapped local influencer Ben Sir and Uncle Siu into a series of videos in the bid to translate complex technology concepts into an easy and catchy explanation for its consumers.

The campaign, dubbed “Ben Sir X 蕭叔叔研究院" (Ben Sir X Uncle Siu's research institute), launched three videos in May on Facebook and YouTube to introduce its BRAVIA TV series.

Benjamin Au Yeung, a Chinese language lecturer with around 75.9k followers on Facebook, and Uncle Siu, an influencer who attracts more than 279k followers on Facebook with his British accent, collaborate in the videos to explain how three seemingly high-level technologies improved the Sony's TV series' picture quality.

Within two weeks, the three videos garnered a combined metrics of 219k likes, 13.5k shares, 755k views and a 1.7 million reach.

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Challenges are to simplify the technological terms so consumers can more easily understand the technologies, but Simois Ng, head of marketing communications for Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited, added that the two KOL's crossover enables the brand to reach out to a wider fan base. "The encouraging feedback has proved that this is a successful attempt as we have taken into account the norm of instant gratification in social media," she said.


Director: Ryan Lau (Lauyeah)
Production: Lauyeah Production Limited
Media agency: Carat