Sony Hong Kong's celebrity-fueled PS4 launch

Sony Computer Entertainment has launched PlayStation 4 with a celebrity-fueled event.

The launch marks an unprecedented move into the social media momentum with a “share” button added on the controllers, along with all the social connection efforts including game session sharing and multiplayer functions.

Social media has also become an integral part in the marketing pushes for introducing the product.

In November, Sony partnered with AllRightsReserved to recruit 250 Facebook fans to form a record-breaking man-made game controller at Asia World Expo.

Sony has appointed Wunderman | Agenda Hong Kong to upscale its social media activation with a game launched on a websiteand Facebook to launch the product launch.

In line with PS4's social aspects and connected gaming, the game asks users to publish a PS4 manifesto to become part of the massive mobile controller to vie for prizes.

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Without any media support, the campaign has reached over 900 submissions in the first week. Media banners start running yesterday.

The campaign will run until 29 December.


Client: Sony Computer Entertainment

Creative: Wunderman | Agenda Hong Kong

Associate creative director: Kenny Wong

Account manager: Catherine ng

Director, strategic marketing technologies: Edward Pow