Sony appeals to professional photographers

With the recent product launches, Sony is fighting for a bigger market share by branding itself as a “convenient alternative” for professional photographers on-the-go.

The newest cameras, which boast the attributes of a multi-lens camera in one and palm-sized apparatus serve to move the brand away from compact digital cameras towards products for more professional usage.

The move comes at a time when camera-equipped smartphones are threatening the sales of digital cameras.

Jason Kwok, assistant manager of the digital imaging department at Sony Corporation of Hong Kong, said whilst smartphones are not seen as direct competitors yet, their improving camera features make them a potential threat to the digital cameras business.

“What we do see is a downward trend for these really mass cameras, at least people who shoot at an elementary level have a lesser incentive to buy a camera if all of what they want to do is already available on their phone,” he said.

“However, we still have an edge in good sensors and high-definition zoom: so we’re targeting the group that may have a full collection of lens at home but still want the convenience of just taking one camera while on the go,” he added.

The new cameras are complemented by TVCs, out-of-home displays as well as Facebook initiatives together with Hong Kong photographers and travel bloggers.

At the launch, Sony also announced the opening of one of the world’s first Sony Imaging Pro Support in 2014, which will offer a post-purchase service for professional photographers.

“We’re actively exploring the new market, especially for those who are used to using mid-level cameras and want to go the next level, we want to be there for them.”