Social media on the big screen

Managing director of Twitter East Asia James Kondo (pictured) believes the future of the Twitter, and social media in general, lies in its potential to sync with TV appearances.

“We’re working really close with television. People are always talking of the shifting of the TV age, but it’s still a very much prominent medium in the industry,” Kondo told the audience at Social Media Matters in Hong Kong yesterday.

“People turn on the TV because of something they found very interesting. So, what happens on Twitter is real-time feedback from the community when users tweet about a programme.”

Currently, brands can promote their @username or a campaign-specific hashtag to get people talking about their campaign – or even set up Q&As or live discussions.

Alternatively, it also offers a TV Ads dashboard, which aims to help marketers align their Twitter engagement with what’s shown on television. What this means is Twitter tracks users who are tweeting about a certain programme and assumes that if they’re dedicated enough to share it, they will see the commercials around the show.

As a result, Promoted Tweet content can be tailored to complement the campaigns on television.

“TV works in getting engagement, so what Twitter is trying to offer is to help advertisers maximise their TV dollars by promoting conversation that is happening in real time.”

Though all social media platforms are becoming increasingly innovative in their ad solutions, Kondo said that Twitter doesn’t have any real competition that “allows for open, real-time conversation”.