Social media agency PROTOCOL launches 'ChillPills' mint for work woes

Working in the ad world isn't easy and often enough, ad men and women need a reason to just chill. Understanding this phenomenon, social media agency PROTOCOL launched its own tin of mints that comes with a personalised medical leave certificate called "ChillPills".

According to the agency, creating this product allowed for an "outlet of creative expression" for the team. Speaking to Marketing on the ideation behind the minty pills, Kelvin Kao, managing director of PROTOCOL said much of the any agency's work is around answering client briefs. As such, it is "nice to do have its own product to really push its creativity".

He added that with the agency's own product, the teams could experiment and go beyond its usual tonality and visual treatment.  Kao told Marketing that all of the product and creative elements of the pills such as packaging, animation and video production was done in house.

Watch the clip below:

The agency aims to also release a small quantity of the pills to the public and using social and digital platforms to market its products. It is also currently working on an on-ground activation with real time “diagnosis” of workplace conditions and to “prescribe” the public with ChillPIlls.

"The ideal when it comes to careers and workplace is that we get to do what we love and love what we do. Unfortunately, the reality is that the workplace ends up being a breeding ground of frustrations which leaves us tethering on the edge of losing our cool," Kao explained.

"ChillPills is meant to be a humorous way to give a different perspective on what everyone goes through - moody bosses, incompetent colleagues, overlong meetings, post-holiday blues, pointless overtime - you name it. Our proposition and belief is that things at work will be a lot better if we all take a ChillPill."