Social Blue explains why the pay-per-lead strategy is the next smart move for marketers

Why is a pay-per-lead (PPL) strategy the next smart move for marketers in times of COVID-19?

With companies cutting back on ad spend, it’s high time for marketers in Asia to switch to pay-per-lead to maximise budgets.

With restrictions and even lockdowns still in place worldwide, people are spending more time on their mobile phones, and ads command 23% more of people’s attention, according to Business Insider. Still, many companies are hunkering down, trying to survive the moment, and, most importantly, guarding their marketing budgets. However, smart marketers know that now is the best time to spend on sales ads wisely. One of the smartest ways to do so is to focus marketing resources on PPL strategies.

PPL works on the premise that a client wants high quality leads and nothing else. There are no contracted months, retainer fees, or lengthy paperwork involved. The PPL model ensures the company only pays a fixed price per lead once the results are in hand. Simultaneously, the PPL model guarantees a pivot-ready strategy by benefiting from the experience of the ads running and taking advantage of the low blue photo 1How does pay-per-lead help companies grow during the global pandemic?

To demonstrate that the lead generation market is indeed thriving, let’s consider Social Blue’s success story. Like many businesses worldwide, the lead generation agency took its share of hits at the beginning of the pandemic. However, the robust Social Blue PPL model helped the company break its daily revenue record in October on a single day, and most importantly, it helped its clients pull through one of the most challenging economic global crises.

Social Blue – with ten offices across several countries – received an all-time high net promoter score of 9.5 from its clients in October. During the same time, just a couple of months after the pandemic started, the company’s native lead generation campaigns reached a record-high revenue.

“Now, more than ever, businesses are searching for the most effective way to draw in prospective consumers. With our pay-per-lead model, we are giving them the best value for money," said Tim Roemer, CEO of Social Blue.

Agencies like Social Blue Singapore only charge for the final leads, so there’s no charge for creating strategy, imagery, ad texts, analysing data, running split-run tests, and continuously optimising ads. Companies can also reap the benefit of free branding and engagement that the campaign generates. PPL guarantees the consistent delivery of qualified, warm leads that have the highest chance of converting. For companies that are guarding their budgets, the PPL strategy is the smartest marketing choice.

What is behind Social Blue’s Success?

Marketing and online relationships are no longer about one-time offers and bait-click strategies. Social Blue stands for transparency, long-term partnerships, and high-quality leads that will turn into long-standing clients. One of the ways to achieve both is through technology developed in-house. One example of this is the Social Blue Partner Portal, a platform that gives companies and marketers a rich dashboard that displays insights into campaigns, transparent reports, and statistical value that help orient business decisions. The conversion rate optimisation, lead management system, and campaign management platform – all tools build in-house – are also an essential part of this lead generation agency’s success.

With a focus on growth, Social Blue Singapore has already proven the success of lead generation in the Asian market. In the first 12 months, the Singapore office launched 50 successful campaigns. While offices in most parts of the world are downsizing, the Singapore team moved into their own office and expanded the space to welcome new members after only 15 months in a new market. Their success is also apparent with a growing list of new partnerships, new lead-generation strategies in place, and a promising sales pipeline. If your business is ready to grow, learn how Social Blue’s PPL Model can benefit your business by visiting their website.

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