Snoopy celebrates his Apollo space adventures at Festival Walk's summer event

Celebrating this summer's 50th anniversary of the Apollo programme and its highlight of the manned moon landing in 1969, Festival Walk will collaborate with the iconic comic Peanuts to launch an event.

Running from 26 July to 18 August, “Festival Walk x Snoopy Space Adventure” will feature a gigantic Snoopy installation, pop-up store, and exhibition. It aims to engage youngsters and inspire their interest in space exploration.     

The exhibition will showcase vintage collectables and themed decorations. The centrepiece of it all being a three-metre-tall 3D statue of Snoopy, surrounded by a lunar base camp installation featuring a replica of the Apollo 10 module, a lunar buggy, and an interactive game inspired by the planets of the solar system.  

Though it may seem like a strange pairing, for over half a century Snoopy has been collaborating with NASA on various projects, including serving as the face of internal safety campaigns. This partnership reached new heights in 1969 with the launch of the Apollo 10 command and lunar modules, which used the call signs “Charlie Brown” and “Snoopy”.

Rare vintage Astronaut Snoopy merchandise from around the world will be on display at the event, such as a vintage spacesuit-wearing Astronaut Snoopy doll from 1969, as well as limited-edition wristwatches. 

A selection of Peanuts merchandise - including a number of limited-edition items - will also be available at the event's pop-up store. In addition, the campaign will open a DIY T-shirt booth for visitors to create their own personalised Snoopy T-shirts as souvenirs.