Snapchat wants consumers to express themselves with Bitmojis this Malaysia Day

As Malaysians gear up for Malaysia Day, Snapchat wants consumers to spice up their celebrations by creating their personal digital avatar using Bitmoji.

By creating a Bitmoji of themselves, consumers can express how they truly feel about typical Malaysian scenarios. In a press release, Snapchat listed six scenarios in which Malaysians can use Bitmoji to express themselves. A+M has reached out to Snapchat for additional information about the marketing strategies and expected ROI.

1. Drinking bubble tea

2. Public holidays

3. Football sessions

4. On the way

5. Food

6. Traffic jams

According a recent research commissioned by Snapchat titled "The Friendship Report", visuals such as Bitmoji help consumers express themselves in a way they are unable to with just words or when they do not speak the same language. The study also found that Malaysians are among the friendliest in the world, which can be attributed to its multicultural society and the shared experiences among Malaysians.

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)