Snap partners with Integral Ad Science to review brand safety

Snap has entered into a global partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global analytics company, to review its protocols in a bid to minimise the risk of negative exposure for brands.

IAS will advise Snap on brand safety models to ensure its efforts are in line with industry best practices, and provide it with media quality measurement capabilities beyond brand safety. IAS builds verification, optimisation, and analytics solutions for the advertising industry, and has global operations in ten countries including Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

According to a press statement, IAS will help determine best practices to further protect brands' reputation and drive greater transparency and media quality measurability of in-app photos and videos. David Hahn, chief product officer at IAS, said, "IAS commends Snap on taking a proactive approach and partnering with 3rd party measurement companies to protect brand image for their advertisers."

He added, "Upon review of their unique user design and experience, internal processes, and protocols related to brand safety, IAS is confident that Snap is taking the right steps to mitigate brand risk for their advertisers."

IAS also joined the Snapchat Brand Safety Coalition, a recently formed group that will regularly meet to discuss Snap policies and approach as well as industry best practices.

This global partnership comes after IAS partnered with The Trade Desk, a global technology platform for buyers of advertising, to offer brand safety data for desktop and mobile in-app video and display. Through this, advertisers can ensure their media buys are in line with brand safety parameters.