SMRT Taxis rebrands to Strides Taxi as it enters electric vehicle scene

SMRT Taxis has rebranded to Strides Taxi as it enters into the electric vehicle scene. Strides now features a vibrant green body paint with a red logo. Previously, SMRT Taxis had a maroon-coloured body paint with a white SMRT logo on it. Tan Kian Heong, president of Strides Mobility, said the vibrant green of Strides Taxi vehicles is a striking reminder to the brand that it is important to work sustainability principles into Strides’ businesses, which it seeks to develop and grow in alignment with the Singapore Green Plan.

At the same time, Strides also plans to launch 300 MG5 electric taxis in Singapore by the end of the year, with its first batch rolled out on 30 August. The move will make Strides the taxi operator with the largest fleet of electric vehicles in Singapore. Within the next five years, Strides’ entire taxi fleet will be changed to 100% electric. The electrification of the whole taxi fleet is part of Strides Mobility’s plan to play an active role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and to be a leading player in sustainable mobility services and solutions.

Strides Mobility is the business arm of SMRT Corporation that focuses on mobility solutions and services. Meanwhile, Strides Taxi is the business arm of Strides Mobility that operates eco-friendly taxis including electric taxis. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Strides Taxi for additional information on the rebranding.

To encourage point-to-point drivers to be early adopters of its electric taxis, Strides Taxi is providing a suite of solutions to support its taxi partners, including working with industry players such as SP Group and Shell to provide convenience and discounts for their charging needs. Early adopters will enjoy free rental on the MG5 and unlimited charging for the first 30 days. When charging is required, Strides Taxi partners currently have access to around 140 public fast chargers at 80 locations across the country. According to Strides, the cost of charging for its partners is more economical than a hybrid car, as partner can save about SG$300 on energy costs.

Carbon footprint will also be reduced by up to 10 tonnes of carbon emission per vehicle per year. When Strides Taxi converts its entire petrol-hybrid fleet to fully electric, the total reduction in carbon footprint is estimated at 20,000 tonnes per year, the company said.

In addition to the roll out of electric taxis, Strides Mobility has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DST Electric Vehicle Rental, China’s commercial electric vehicles digital platform, to work towards forming a joint venture company to provide commercial electric vehicle solutions in Singapore and South-east Asia. It also inked a deal with EuroSports Technologies on the development, deployment and distribution of smart electric motorcycles in Singapore and the region.

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