SMRT creates a dedicated Joseph Schooling train

The Schooling Effect (TSE), SMRT Corporation (SMRT) and The X Collective Pte Ltd (XCO), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMRT Commercial, have come together to launch the ‘Hello, My Name is Joseph Schooling’ concept train.

The concept train consists of three cabins – The Pledge Cabin, The Book Cabin and The Exhibition Cabin. It showcases Joseph Schooling’s journey, his commitment to encourage Singaporeans to dream and The Schooling Effect’s credo to give back to society. The concept train will run on the SMRT Circle Line from 11 November 2016 to 8 December 2016 to bring smiles to commuters who journey with SMRT.

The Pledge Cabin consists of pledges that were shared online as part of The Schooling Effect’s initiative to encourage people to dare to dream. Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, at the event made a pledge and presented his pledge to MAW Singapore CEO, Judy Lim. The Book Cabin documents Schooling’s journey which was captured by photographer, lvin Toh, who was given exclusive access to Joseph Schooling and his family on several occasions. This allowed him to picture many precious and private moments seldom seen by others.

The Exhibition Cabin carries images of the limited prints that are available for sale online. Proceeds from the sale of every first print from each image will be donated to MAW Singapore. Each print is signed and numbered recto by photographer Toh and Joseph Schooling. The Schooling Effect has partnered MAW Singapore, a local charity that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses by donating proceeds of book sales and limited prints to the foundation.

“When I first thought about the idea of producing this book, my main intention was to share the experience with everyday Singaporeans, hoping that what Joseph does, will inspire them. I am thankful for the support given by XCO and the other partners of the book as initiatives such as the concept train helps to bring the images to Singaporeans that travel daily on the train and hopefully, they will be inspired after looking at the images,” said Toh.

“Joseph Schooling’s momentous win at the Rio Olympics 2016 has inspired many Singaporeans to make their dreams a reality. SMRT and The X Collective are honoured to partner The Schooling Effect to launch this concept train which aims to inspire all Singaporeans and bring smiles to our commuters,” said Dawn Low, managing director of SMRT Commercial and XCO.

TSE has also partnered 10 local designers to create 105 large format lightboxes showcased in SMRT stations around the island.