SmarTone to launch summer roadshows to build 5G hype

SmarTone has unveiled plans to showcase its 5G technology offerings, which will be launching next month.

Hong Kong will be one of the world’s first full-scale adopters of 5G technology and the city’s mobile service providers are gearing up for this new telecommunications era. During yesterday’s press event, Christopher Kwok, executive director of Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP), said SmarTone (a subsidiary of SHKP) will be investing billions of Hong Kong dollars in the development 5G technology.

“We will conduct 5G roadshows across Sun Hung Kai Properties’ shopping malls such as apm, New Town Plaza, YOHO mall, and the International Commerce Centre (ICC) to prepare for the 5G network,” said Kwok.

Aimed at enabling citizens to have a better understanding of 5G, the roadshows will showcase different applications and varied possibilities of 5G through e-sports and AR. The first roadshow will be held during the summer in New Town Plaza.

Asked whether SmarTone has a timetable to launch its new service, Ivan Leung, head of engineering of SmarTone, said the company has not decided to publicise an exact day yet. When it comes to the infrastructure of the 5G network, he said SmarTone will invite tenders in the second half of 2019, while SmarTone will consider every service provider, including Huawei.

As mobile service providers have invested a lot in building infrastructure, the public may have concerns about charging schemes. However, SmarTone’s management expected that the price will remain stable.

“The market in Hong Kong is competitive. We cannot increase the price even if we want to. Also, to attract customers to go for a 5G plan, we will offer competitive packages for them to choose from,” said Allen Fung, deputy chairman and non-executive director of SmarTone.

To arouse interest from the public, SmarTone has launched a new TVC. Themed “Make Us Smart”, the new TVC is about a girl exploring a city covered by the SmarTone 5G network.

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