Skyscanner and Quorn make the most out of McDelivery app glitch

Last Friday, McDonalds’ McDelivery app unfortunately spun out of control and spammed users with notifications about the Samurai burger. Skyscanner, cheekily, decided to take the opportunity to promise if consumers download their app, they wouldn't be spammed.

“We believe that less is more. Download the Skyscanner App today to search for the best deals on the go. We promise we won't spam you ;),” the caption on the post said.

Playing up on the Samurai aspect of the McD's glitch, Skyscanner, in a format of an app notification, sent out a push notification that read “Still undecided? We found you a cheap, last-minute deal to Tokyo. Search and book now!”

Meanwhile, vegetarian meal provider, Quorn Singapore has surfaced on Facebook with its take on the McDelivery glitch. The post wittily read, "Have some self Quorn-trol ;)", throwing a jab at the "uncontrolled" spam of notifications McDelivery app sent out, and used the words "charge ahead" - which were also part of the McD's Samurai Burger blast.

McDonald’s previously had issued a public apology on its social media pages addressing the glitch. In addition to that, the fast food chain also offered its creamy herb chicken pie as a compensation over the weekends for those affected by the glitch.

Will we be seeing more brands throwing a hat in the ring to amuse its customers/users? Do email me at if you chance upon any.