As SG reaches 'new normal', SKM ramps up good behaviour initiatives

Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) has launched its latest film titled "The Big Day", as part of its wider "Be Greater" campaign. The short film looks to remind Singaporeans to treat others with kindness, and live a legacy of greatness that will last for generations to come. It also aims to bring hope with the message that gracious and considerate acts can uplift the community and that kindness will prevail. The video follows a day in the life of the protagonist named Rachel, who tries her best to treat the people around her with kindness, following the heartfelt advice from her mother. 

The campaign, which was originally intended to be released in July this year, is now launched as Singapore reaches a state of new normal. According to a spokesperson, SKM produced a series of three posters depicting acts of kindness in different scenarios in the new normal, namely at the hawker centres, neighbourhood and on the roads which will be amplified on digital, social and out-of-home channels.

SKM has also launched an online initiative called “Then How?” to promote kindness in Singaporeans and encourage slight adjustments to lifestyles as Singaporeans continue to adapt to the new normal. SKM also collaborated with HDB to curate a series of "Then How?” posters with tips on how to choose kindness and be considerate in the neighbourhood setting. This includes a component for the public to submit tips that may be featured as one of the “Then How?” tips.

Additionally, SKM has also been releasing statement clips monthly on its social media platforms. These are short 15-second video clips that displays little acts of kindness in everyday situations. Ultimately, the spokesperson said, SKM’s aim is to inspire Singaporeans to start, show and share kindness. 

Last month, SKM also released a video featuring Singaporeans paying tribute to its COVID-19 heroes.

While there are currently no plans to release another similar video to "The Big Day" at the moment, SKM's spokesperson said it is open to explore possible collaborations with partners to continue reaching out to Singaporeans to encourage them to be kind and practice pro-social behaviours. On top of that, if the overall response for the film is positive, SKM may consider producing similar videos in the future.

William Wan, general secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement said: "When we treat others with kindness, we create a ripple effect which encourages the people around us to do the same. Kindness is never wasted. Our time on this planet is limited, but our legacy lives on far beyond our mortal years. Let’s all strive to make kindness our legacy, by leaving a trail of kind acts wherever we go, and with that, kindness, will live on.”

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