Singapore Kindness Movement wants you to take a stand

SKM launches new content platform

The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) has launched a content platform together with Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG) and KRDS Singapore.

Titled ‘The Pride’, the platform covers current, trending news and provides deeper insight on local and global issues. Apart from creating the new content platform, SPRG and KRDS Singapore will assist the organisation in handling content growth and syndication on multiple specialised platforms.

The development of ‘The Pride’ came after SKM posted a first-of-its-kind double-sided video, where users could view everyday situations in a kindness-filled world and view the situation in a world full of hate and cruelty, on its Facebook page last year.

The video explores the dilemma faced by a soft-spoken young man, who witnesses a service staff being verbally abused, while remembering how he has suffered for standing up to school bullies when he was younger. Despite that, he still makes the decision to step in and calm the enraged customer down.

The campaign urges Singaporeans to not only acknowledge that a nation of kindness starts with every individual, but to make the conscious decision to act out our innate kindness despite our reservations. It runs until the end of May.

The director’s cut of the video garnered about 580,000 views on Facebook with 5,200 reactions and 3,100 shares since its launch a month ago. The original video gathered about 75,000 views on Facebook with 1,100 reactions and 1,100 shares.

Watch it here:

There was also an OOH execution of the campaign which was launched last month.

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