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Skip your record

When talking about sports that break world speed records, rope skipping probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind.

The Hong Kong Rope Skipping Team achieved the world’s fastest record of 671.5 times in a men’s group 4×45 seconds double dutch speed relay of the World Rope Skipping Championship Competition 2016.

To highlight its new interchangeable lens camera a6500’s speed, Sony HK has invited the team to show their world-class rope skipping skills in its new advertising campaign including TV commericals, outdoor display and online ad with a statement “Skip your record” as the creative idea.

The video was uploaded on its official Facebook page last Friday and amassed over 50k views and 700 likes.

“The Rope Skipping Team’s incredible high-speed rope skipping can impeccably demonstrate the a6500’s world’s fastest auto focus (AF) speed in as little as 0.05 seconds only. Both the world record breakers are the perfect match,” Simois Ng, head of marketing communications, Sony Corporation of Hong Kong limited.

“At Sony, we really appreciate the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Team’s strong spirit of cooperation, enthusiasm and remarkable persistence that enabled their members to keep breaking through their limits and also broke their own records again and again,” she added.

Creative: The Right Side
Media: Carat

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