Skincare brand Olay to reportedly cease retouching ads by 2021

Skincare brand Olay has unveiled a new print campaign called "My Olay". Working with ad agency Badger & Winters, CNBC reported that the campaign will feature unretouched images of Amercian actress Busy Philipps, fashion model Denise Bidot and Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh.

This campaign is part of Olay's "Skin Promise", which commits to stop retouching skin in its advertisements by the year 2021. According to CNBC, the "Skin Promise" will be applied to all of Olay's ads on print, digital, out-of-home, as well as influencer partnerships. Quoting Olay, CNBC reported that a "Skin Promise" mark will appear on its ads in the US and Canada to indicate that the skins of the featured women was not retouched.

Kate DiCarlo, Olay’s senior communications leader, said Olay hopes to fill social media feeds with positive posts that encourages confidence and strength among other posts that perpetuate a culture of perfection. DiCarlo added that Olay is willing to not collaborate with influencers who are not aligned with Olay's goal in their social media posts. Marketing has reached out to P&G for additional information.

Dove launched a similar initiative in July 2018 which introduces its "No Digital Distortion Mark", indicating on the brand's static imagery showcasing women that the image is not distorted. Dove said the mark was to be rolled out across print, digital and social. The mark is aimed to help women and girls navigate the media landscape, letting them know that the image they see has not been digitally distorted to fit the ideals of what beauty is and is not.

Joining the movement in building confidence and spreading positivity among women is skincare brand SK-II, who recently launched its #NOCOMPETITION campaign. The campaign was launched in line with the upcoming Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, where SK-II got various Olympic athletes to speak about their personal experiences around the competitive element of beauty, via their social channels. The message to be spread as part of the campaign was to not see beauty as competition: “We won’t compete anymore. Beauty is #NOCOMPETITION.”

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