SkillsFuture SG runs campaign to get Singaporeans upskilling

SkillsFuture Singapore's (SSG) new campaign encourages Singaporeans to continue upskilling, remain relevant in the workforce and find their edge in the competitive landscape. The integrated campaign, developed by Tribal Worldwide Singapore, carries a new tagline "Learn for a better you", and aims to inspire Singaporeans to discover a better version of themselves through constant upgrading and adopt lifelong learning.

The campaign will run on TV and in cinemas, as well as on OOH and digital platforms until mid June. In a statement to Marketing, Tribal Worldwide Singapore's spokesperson said the word "better" in the tagline is the motivation to improve one's status quo, while "learn" refers to how Singaporeans start their journey towards upskilling.

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Patricia Woo, director, SkillsFuture Singapore, said it wants to encourage Singaporeans that it is important and easy to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. "For a start, they can do so by picking up a complementary skill that will help give them an edge," Woo said.

Meanwhile, Joshua Lee, managing director of Tribal Worldwide Singapore, said, "In a workplace, there is always someone you look up to or admire. We harness this idea of social benchmarking and dramatise how you can shine and stand out from the crowd by picking up new crossover skills."