SK-II measures emotional impact in its video ads

Video ad tech company Unruly has recently launched a new content testing tool and targeting capability that allows advertisers in Hong Kong and Taiwan to analyse the emotional impact of their video ads and connect with consumers most likely to engage with their content.

Launch partners SK-II and MediaCom are the first advertisers to use both Unruly’s EQ testing and Unruly custom audiences (UCA) targeting in North Asia for its “Nat Geo” campaign.

On average campaigns using UCA see uplifts of 74% and 80% for brand favourability and purchase intent respectively.

Unruly EQ uses a combination of biometric, emotional and audio testing methods to evaluate, improve and predict the emotional impact and brand effectiveness of their video ads.

Nishida Fumihiko, brand manager at SK-II Hong Kong and Taiwan, said: “Unruly's new emotional targeting capability will enable SK-II to drive quality views of our branded content and achieve greater virality within a shorter period. Best of all, it'll help our consumers by only serving our content to those who are more likely to be engaged emotionally as opposed to bombarding them with random ads.”

Edison Woo, business director HK-TW at MediaCom Hong Kong, said: “It’s essential to understand what drives consumers emotionally and these new video strategy optimisation tools will help us achieve that. Using these new Unruly products, we'll bring our video targeting to new heights – better targeting for a more effective delivery.”