SK-II breakthrough hits 150 million views with extraordinary #BareSkinChat series featuring James Corden and Naomi Watanabe

Prestige skincare brand SK-II has utterly smashed a 150 million view count with its star-studded and hilarious Bare Skin Chat branded video series.

SK-II’s campaign no doubt owes some of its success to the extremely savvy recognisable casting choices made to play well – especially with young viewers – in different regions. Respected actresses Moretz and Arimura have been paired up with beloved comedians Corden (known from The Late Late Show and Carpool Karaoke) and Watanabe (aka “The Japanese Beyonce”) respectively.

What’s really impressive, however, is how SK-II’s series goes way further than being a simple beauty demonstration video; the Bare Skin Chat videos are legitimately excellently made and very funny. It’s the kind of short, impactful content that younger audiences are looking for online.

In both of the Bare Skin Chat plotlines, a well-known actress has a wild friend over for a bathroom visit where they exchange beauty secrets. Episodes present Moretz/Corden and Arimura/Watanabe engaging in an eclectic range of activities – from beatboxing, to tap dancing, and even trying to produce their own viral sensation brain-tickling ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. It looks like they’re having a blast as they try out the bestselling SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, that’s infused with the power of PiteraTM.

Using comedians over traditional models was a bold move for SK-II and indeed it’s the laughs that keep you watching each Bare Skin Chat till the end. And though it’s the short series format that gets viewers hooked onto the next episode, Bare Skin Chat’s other big draw is a solid dose of consumer myth-busting. While it’s a traditional view that products like Facial Treatment Essence only appeal to mature users, these videos say loud and proud this is simply not the case and champion the powerful skin treatment as perfect for women in their 20s. Arimura even shows Watanabe there’s no need for vigorous scrubbing with a side-splitting demonstration of the simple tap-tap method to use it.

Corden commented on getting to know the product, “It was only a matter of time before I partnered with a skincare range. I’m now lathering my face in SK-II morning, noon and night!”

Sandeep Seth, vice president, global at SK-II said about the campaign, “Over the years, beauty content has some become formulaic—glamorous ads, tutorials, how-to videos. Consumers these days don’t like being pushed product or sold to. We have to behave less like a brand that is trying to sell but a brand that creates a human connection with consumers. With our iconic PiteraTM Essence, we’re constantly reimagining what’s possible from a content standpoint to create this real connection and engagement.”

This Bare Skin Chat series by SK-II has been a breakthrough past the stiff boundaries of beauty advertising. Bare Skin Chat is not just an ad. It’s an informative and entertaining way for SK-II to reinforce the superiority of Facial Treatment Essence. Even though their signature ingredient PiteraTM has remained the same for more than 39 years, audience engagement has only grown. The Bare Skin Chat video series easily shares the product benefits to more people and answers consumer questions, all while providing a laugh.

SK-II is leading a trend within the beauty industry by daring to be different and allowing the brand to dive into a more fun side of beauty. We are certainly looking forward to finding out what the brand brings to the table next as it shatters tradition and brings more consumers to the 39-year old PiteraTM Essence in a postmodern fashion.

The fresh, fun approach to the SK-II brand has obviously paid off with audiences with its likeness to a bite-sized Netflix miniseries, and we’re glad to say that more new episodes on the way. If you want to jump in right now, there’s an entire Bare Skin Chat playlist we advise you to binge on at this link to check out the internet’s biggest craze for young beauty fanatics.

This article is brought to you by SK-II