SK-II bares it all in #BareSkinChat

SK-II has launched its campaign #BareSkinChat, a series of YouTube videos featuring comedians James Corden and Naomi Watanabe, as well as actresses Chloe Grace Moretz and Kasumi Arimura. The campaign aims to demystify skincare and promote SK-II’s product, the Pitera Essence.

The beauty entertainment web series features Corden and Watanabe seeking beauty advice from Moretz and Arimura respectively, and the actresses revealing their secret, the Pitera Essence. The minute-long videos take on a light-hearted and humorous approach, and are uploaded on SK-II’s YouTube channel.

According to a press release, the #BareSkinChat series has racked up a record of over 40.6 million views and over 1.3 million social actions in just two weeks. Response from the audience was positive with netizens commenting that the videos are “hilarious” and they are “left clamouring for more”.

SK-II has released a new episode “So You Think You Can Pat”, where Corden and Moretz put some serious rhythm into the signature “Pat-Pat” technique of applying SK-II’s Pitera Essence. The duo's playful face-off turns into a tap dance spectacle in the middle of a bathroom.

Check out the video here: