Six Capital picks new social media agency

Six Capital has appointed Vocanic as its social marketing agency. The company is a Singapore based FX business that is launching an FinTech game called Tagg. Tagg is an interesting proposition as a “game” that allows you to earn-as-you play.

To drum up awareness for the sci-fi strategy game, Six Capital and Vocanic have implemented an Ang Bao Giveaway launch campaign across Asia.  The campaign uses content, paid social (using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), social activation, employee advocacy and influencer marketing.

To launch the game and introduce the concept, Tagg gave the public an opportunity to get a taste of the experience, simply by registering for free. Upon registration, users will spin a wheel and then be awarded a US$10, or US$100 or US$1,000 Node.

A Node is the basic building block of the game and will generate yield (returns) over time. Participants can choose to hold onto to their Nodes and play Tagg strategically, generating greater yield, or request for the value of their Nodes to be made out to them at any time.

Paul Teng, Gamemaster and chief executive officer of Tagg, said: “Chinese New Year has always centred around appreciating family and friends, and sharing the blessings of health, prosperity and good luck. So this year, we thought there was no better way to celebrate than to give away Ang Bao nodes and enable as many people as possible to be part of the movement to democratize yield and share in our success.”

Ian McKee, chief executive officer of Vocanic commented, “Tagg is an exciting new concept that is poised to disrupt the market.  Launching Tagg with a socially driven “Freemium” strategy where people can try the game without any financial commitment seemed especially appropriate to create a real buzz around a groundbreaking idea.”


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