Sino Group teams up with eMotionLAB to inspire new art tech designers

Marketing communications have been changing at warp speed. Nowadays, design needs to capture audiences’ attention faster, communicate more profoundly and exert a greater influence on people. As a result, motion design is vital to modern advertising and marketing communications while it is expected to grow in the future as the technology develops.

Vibrant and young, eMotionLAB has carved out a growing niche for itself as a motion-design and video content creation company offering innovative thinking and out-of-the-box motion design solutions.

To inspire a new generation of art tech designers, Sino Group launched the unique new training programme “Feel the Motion” with the collaboration of eMotionLAB in October 2020, hoping to create opportunities for young Hong Kong designers to develop their motion design skills.

”Motion design is a powerful tool as it changes the way companies and brands communicate today. The programme could be a vital catalyst in driving this important medium forward and providing a new generation of young designers with future-proof skill sets,” said Mandy Tsang, founder and director of eMotionLAB.workshop emotionlabOver the past years, Sino Group has been actively enhancing the synergy between arts, design and technology to foster the growth of the local creative industry. It is also committed to creating better lifescapes by delivering products and services in a way that respects six key areas: green, wellness, design, innovation, heritage and community.

Accelerator Workshops - the highlight of the programme - attracted over 100 applications and portfolios from young people who interested in entering the field of motion design.

Toward the end of the programme, students will produce motion design works of 15 to 30 seconds following the tutor’s instructions. A maximum of six outstanding works, whether conducted individually or as a group, will each be awarded HK$20,000 and showcased at Sino Group’s properties.

“Sino Group has been actively incorporating the concept of sustainability into its businesses through promoting innovation, cultural heritage and community bond. With the 'Feel the Motion’ programme, we hope to help young people aspiring to start a design career to equip themselves. The platform strives to unleash their potential through professional guidance and motivate them to showcase their diverse abilities and talents,” commented Andrea Leung, general manager of leasing marketing and promotions at Sino Group.

This article is sponsored by eMotionLAB.