Major brands sponsor screening of BPL

Several major brands also confirmed their partnership with Singtel to sponsor the upcoming season of the Barclays Premier League (BPL). Singtel is the national official broadcaster of the BPL in Singapore. Singtel currently experiences 83,000 fans tuning in to watch every Premier League match on weekends, said the company.

The sponsorship opportunity was introduced to brands by Singtel Advertising through a mid-week BPL Curtain Raiser on Wednesday. Goh Seow Eng, (pictured) Singtel TV's managing director, and award-winning sports journalist and presenter Richard Lenton were present to better explain the Premier League's appeal, break down viewership trends, and discuss the sports sponsorship in the coming years. Following this introduction into sports sponsorship, brand representatives were given free tickets to the Barclays Asia Trophy in the National Stadium, where they would have the opportunity to watch established BPL sides Everton, Arsenal and Stoke City live in action.

The brands that signed the 2015-16 sponsorship deal were global technology brand OPPO, health supplements provider Brand's, and insurance provider NTUC Income. This agreement marks the first time that Singtel has had three well-renowned sponsors contributing to the broadcast of the BPL. However, when contacted by Marketing over the sum of these contributions, the brands declined to reveal the value of their investments.