Singtel makes exclusive partnership with augmented reality studio

Singtel’s advertising arm Singtel Advertising has tied up exclusively with a virtual reality and augmented reality broadcast studio under Infinite Studios.

The studio was launched in January this year. Singtel has tied up exclusively with the studio to produce its Singtel mio FA Cup programme for the next six months. However, Singtel is offering sponsorship and advertising opportunities to brands to get airtime during the programme, which will be filmed in the studio.

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Singtel TV is Infinite Studio’s anchor partner and first client for its VR and AR studio, with Infinite Studios owning the facility. No other brands would be filming programmes in it for the period, said Julian Touhig, executive producer, Sports, Singtel TV.

“ This collaboration is significant as Infinite Studios had no experience with ‘live’ studio programmes and partnered with Singtel TV to ensure that the new facility was ready for the demands of sports broadcasting. With Singtel TV’s production expertise and Infinite Studio’s technical solutions, Singapore’s first AR technology driven ‘live’ broadcast studio was created.” added Touhig.

He said that the studio is the first of its kind in Asia, with its AR technology capabilities.

The augment reality aspects of the programme will allow for cost-effectiveness as the technology allows brands to flash their logos through virtual reality technology during the programme, added Touhig.

VR and AR technology allows virtual elements to appear as if they were real objects within the studio environment. The creation of virtual elements such as three-dimensional scoreboards, match statistics, team logos, player images and starting line-ups will enhance the overall viewer experience, particularly during sports programmes. This technology can also be used to stylistically redesign the virtual background according to a particular theme or type of programme, said Singtel.

“Ad clutter and audience fragmentation mean that traditional TV ad buying needs to evolve. Our ad analytics will better segment the audience. Together with VR and AR technology, brands can then create and tell segment-specific, editorially relevant stories, while ensuring that the content is not missed altogether,” said Anthony Shiner, chief revenue officer, Singtel Group Digital Life, which Singtel Advertising is part of.

Several brands have come on board with the programme, said Vincent Sim, senior director, marketing & business development, regional advertising, Singtel. However, he declined to reveal who these were.

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