SingTel launches social gaming platform

SingTel will launch a mobile social gaming platform throughout its network in Asia called WePlay.

The platform will be preloaded on handsets in SingTel’s regional network. It will allow gifts, in-app purchases, chats, and other social features for a broad variety of games.

This is done through an exclusive tie up with mobile gaming network PlayPhone, which also provides a social gaming platform for carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Brazil’s Claro and more.

This will run throughout SingTel’s 48 million customers in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Australia, and other Asian markets and is aimed at creating a direct channel for game developers to reach these customers.

WePlay will host what is essentially the world’s third App Store, added the PlayPhone, in a press release.

It will launch first with SingTel in Singapore, followed by its regional associates.

“SingTel aims to bring exciting digital content and engaging mobile experience to our customers across Asia, and we are keen to work with local and international developers to do so,” said Cheong Hai Thoo, SingTel’s head of multimedia, Group Digital L!fe.

Cheong added that SingTel will also provide direct carrier billing and marketing support, and developers will be able to track how their games are performing on the platform.

For example, the network will offer game recommendations, friend invites, leaderboards, achievements and brags and more.

This is the largest partnership to date for PlayPhone, said the company. “SingTel is a huge win for PlayPhone and our family of developers and sets the stage for PlayPhone to establish a prevailing mobile gaming footprint in Asia,” said Anders Evju, CMO of PlayPhone.