Singer Yuna calls out American Brides mag for not crediting wedding photo

Malaysian singer Yuna Zarai has called out American bi-monthly magazine Brides for using her wedding picture without crediting. In a Twitter post, the singer said that if the magazine should at least state that it was her wedding and credit the photographer for the picture before printing her wedding photo.

Yuna's wedding picture was printed in a magazine article featuring South African Amanda Dilima and her traditional Xhosa head scarf. The singer also tweeted that Brides must have mistook her for Dilima since both of them were wearing a headpiece on their wedding day.

Meanwhile, the singer also posted on Instagram Stories that she would have been "more than happy" to provide Brides a good story and photos if they had approached her. She added that many people worked hard to make the wedding day more beautiful and that it was not merely a random wedding fashion shoot for a head piece. "I ain't some random girl. It was a REAL wedding. Don't steal our pic please." Yuna said, adding that the wedding was "100% Malaysian made".

A+M has reached out to Yuna and Brides for comment. The singer is known to work with brands such as Pantene, Malaysia Airlines, Calpis and Olay. Most recently for the Pantene ad, Yuna was featured alongside fitness star Linora Low and former Malaysian national diver Adeline Chin.

Titled #WANITABESI, the campaign drew inspiration from real-life events among cast members, showing how they each triumphed over adversity. This was also the first time Pantene used a celebrity ambassador who wears a hijab.

Two years ago, the singer was also upset about a parody video done by Astro's TV show, MeleTOP. The video concerned the song "Crush", which was a collaboration between Yuna and American singer Usher and showed an actor with blackface makeup posing as Usher. The video also featured a woman portraying Yuna bowing in front of the "blackface" actor, instead of hugging him. Twitter users criticised MeleTOP for giving a bad name to Malaysians, with some even urging Yuna to take action against the programme for the racist content. MeleTOP later removed the parody video and issued four tweets apologising to Yuna and Usher.

(Photo courtesy: Yuna's Facebook)