How brands can best communicate with Singaporean women

NBCUniversal International Television’s High Heeled Warriors research presentation on women’s content consumption habits has revealed that 75% of Singaporean women use their smartphones while watching TV – a leading number in South East Asia.

High Heeled Warriors is NBCUniversal’s research initiative to understand the modern Asian woman. In the latest study, the media and entertainment company discovers how brands can communicate to women with content that engages and connects with them.

US programming is the most watched content in Singapore and 42% of women are influenced by ads on pay TV when making purchase decisions.

Women’s channel DIVA and pop culture channel E! are top TV channels for female audiences and dominate major consumer categories for advertisers who want to engage with women.

Its results also showed that women turn to TV for entertainment, information and inspiration. Genres and themes on drama (55%); cooking (48%); celebrity news (32%); hair, make-up and make-overs (41%) resonate well with Singaporean women.

Whether they “like” a brand; tweet about a TV show; follow a celebrity, post comments on a fan page or simply chat to a friend, it was revealed that Singaporean women multitask with 35% simultaneously watching TV and looking for more information about the shows they are watching.

Video, in the form of TV programmes, short-form mobile vignettes or online clips, is one of the top performers among all marketing strategies to reach women.

Singaporean women tend to admire and relate to TV characters and celebrities that embody success, career-mindedness, ambition and independence, while having a strong sense of family and community at the same time.

Christine Fellowes (pictured), managing director, Universal Networks International, Asia-Pacific said: “With this research, we now know how the Singaporean High Heeled Warrior engages with content, her preferred formats and the various themes that resonate.”

According to Fellowes, the information gleaned from the study’s results enables clients can connect more deeply with female consumers and drive even more measurable business outcomes through strategic advertising and sponsorships.

“With data from High Heeled Warriors, NBCUniversal takes a targeted approach to its programming, marketing and creative strategies to speak to female Pay-TV consumers in Asia,” Fellowes added.

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