Singapore Tourism Board looks to lure tourists from Myanmar

Singapore Tourism Board has been working very closely with travel partners in Singapore and Myanmar. It has launched several marketing activities and promotional campaigns to attract travellers from Myanmar to Singapore.

STB organised its’ first "Singapore festival" in an effort to encourage more travellers from the country and mark the 50th year of the countries’ diplomatic relations. The board executed a two-day festival at Myanmar Plaza where Singapore’s iconic landmarks, food, games and performances were showcased.

Moreover, special travel promotions were offered by nine Myanmar travel agencies, three international airlines and two Singapore attractions at the event. With a minimum spending of US$50 at the Singapore festival, festival-goers stood a chance to win a range of prizes to Singapore.

“Singapore is one of the most visited destinations by Myanmar people. The number of Myanmar tourists visiting Singapore has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 3% from 2011 - 2015. Last year, a total of 105,452 tourists visited Singapore from Myanmar. The year saw an increase of 16% in business visitor arrivals,” said Sherleen Seah, area director for Thailand and Myanmar.

Moreover, “As compared to 2014, Myanmar visitors’ spending has increased more than 60%. Food and shopping are the two key categories that continue to lure Myanmar people to Singapore,” she added.

Myanmar nationals will be also given free visa for up to 30 days from 1 December when visiting Singapore.