Singapore Tourism Board launches new campaign to lure Malaysians

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched a new campaign in Malaysia called “Your Best Weekend Yet” to encourage Malaysians to visit Singapore over weekends and holiday periods throughout the year.

The campaign unveils upcoming line-ups that are in-store for Malaysians who are looking for a weekend getaway. According to research from STB, most Malaysians visit Singapore either to spend time with friends and family. To make the weekend and holiday getaways to Singapore more enticing, STB together with Singapore Airlines and a few popular attraction partners such as Genting Hotel Jurong, Sentosa and Gardens by the Bay are offering great travel deals just for Malaysians. The deals include flights, accommodation and entrance tickets to attractions and more.

“On many occasions, these visits coincided with a weekend or a holiday period. With Singapore being a stone’s throw away, coupled with the many long weekends that Malaysians will enjoy this and next year, we believe Singapore presents itself as an opportunity to spend and enjoy the long weekends,” Edward Koh (pictured left), Singapore Tourism Board’s executive director of Southeast Asia said.

In line with that, STB’s campaign will showcase experiences in Singapore, both new and old that would enhance a Malaysian visitor’s stay in Singapore. These experiences would give Malaysians a new way to enjoy their time in Singapore that could help make their visits memorable.

To help highlight Singapore’s attraction as a long weekend destination, STB worked with Singaporean actor, Aaron Aziz (pictured right) to share the weekend experience in Singapore through his eyes. Showcasing both his time with his family as well as his friends, Aziz’ Long Weekend videos offer a glimpse into weekends in Singapore well spent.

“Aziz is a natural choice for us, having affinity to Singapore and being a recognisable name in Malaysia, well-loved by many fans. We believe his interests and taste as a modern traveller will resonate with Malaysians in general,” added Koh.

STB also added in a press statement that the Singapore market has seen a growth in new attractions this year such as the opening of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and the opening of the highly anticipated National Gallery later this 2015.

In addition to that, culinary favourites such as Gordon Ramsay and David Myers have established new dining offerings in Singapore while local chefs such as André Chiang and Janice Wong of 2am:dessertbar and 2am:lab are making their mark internationally.