Singapore's MCI collaborates with students to uncover 'fresh perspectives'

The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) has collaborated with a group of student filmmakers to produce five short films. Through the lenses of students, the films look to tell stories of how Singaporeans, through their day-to-day lives, benefit from government schemes, regardless of their circumstances and background.

According to MCI, the students were tasked to develop thought-provoking films that would inspire conversations about the topics they have chosen. The students were also encouraged to be honest and reflective in the way they approached their films. The short films will be published on platforms including website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

In a statement to Marketing, Soffy Hariyanti, director, campaigns and productions department of public communications division, Ministry of Communications and Information said that the government organisation was keen on collaborating with students for their fresh perspectives, and work that resonates with the younger communities. She added that there was an open call to students from local polytechnics and universities in Singapore, and that the students were exposed to hands-on experience of working alongside industry partners and applying what they learnt in school.

The project was a collaboration between the student filmmakers, MCI, Tribal Worldwide Singapore and MLC TV. As MCI’s creative partner, Tribal and MLC TV facilitated the entire project experience for the students to see their ideas materialise from script to screen, and ensured that the student filmmakers had as much freedom as possible to achieve their creative vision. Meanwhile, staff from MCI, Tribal and MLC TV served as mentors to the students, to give them as authentic an experience as possible of what a real client brief and professional production would be like.

Most recently, in lieu of Chinese New Year, MCI launched a three-minute film telling the story of a father-and-son pair with large, identical facial birthmarks. Titled “Birthmark”, the spot aims to pass the message that the greatest sacrifices are the ones that cannot be seen. Conceptualised by creative agency BLKJ, the spot also looks to inspire everyone to reflect on the things done by loved ones that may have gone unnoticed, and to show appreciation this Chinese New Year.