Singapore Police Force spoofs Mediacorp’s Star Awards in anti-scam spot

Taking a departure from its usual somber ad spots, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) released a new video spoofing the annual Mediacorp Star Awards which recognises local actors and actresses for their contributions.

The SPF ad is about an awards show called Black Heart Awards which recognises the best scams conducted by nominees Jia Hao Ren (translating to Fake Good Man), Zhuang Ke Lian (Acting Pitiful) and Mei Liang Xin (No Conscience).

Jia Hao Ren is recognised for his role as a police officer in a film called I Am 999, Zhuang Ke Lian as a poor student in Sex Trap and Mei Liang Xin poses as a love cheat in I Love Your Money. All three conduct telephone scams, which in the spot are compared to acting roles and drama productions.

Mei Liang Xin wins the category and is about to give his speech before being interrupted by Mediacorp artiste Li Nanxing who goes on to talk about the dangers of scam phone calls. He shares tips for the audience to Don’t Panic, Don’t Believe and Don’t Give when placed in similar situations.

Since its launch on Facebook two weeks ago, the spot has garnered 867,000 views, 6,700 reactions and 239 comments at the time of writing.

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