Singapore Hospice Council spot shows discussing end-of-life care as an act of love

Singapore Hospice Council (SHC) has launched a new integrated campaign. Called “Live Well. Leave Well”, the key theme of the campaign is to portray that discussing end-of-life care is an act of love. The spot was conceptualised by BLK J and follows the creative agency's appointment in September last year. Havas Media was also involved in the media planning and buying for SHC.

To reach the maximum number of Singaporeans, the campaign spans across multiple touch points which include free-to-air television, hospitals and cinemas. It is also part of a three-year campaign encouraging Singaporeans to discuss, put into plan and follow through with actions on end-of-life care.

The spot showcases a mother-daughter relationship over the years. As the mother grows older, she becomes more self-aware of her own end-of-life care needs, broaching the subject with her now-grown up daughter. Since its posting, the spot garnered 144,285 views on YouTube.

The campaign looks to tackle death as a taboo subject in Asian society, where family members find it hard to broach the topic with their loved ones with sensitivity, although it being an important conversation.

It also follows a nation-wide survey, according to Angel Lee, chairperson at Singapore Hospice Council, which saw half of Singaporeans having not talked about death or dying with their loved ones.

“They either find it unnecessary or they do not know how to approach the topic. At SHC, we hope the ‘Live Well. Leave Well.’ message will resonate with our fellow Singaporeans and they will start discussing and planning for their preferred end-of-life care even at the early and healthy stage of their lives,” Lee added.

"We are privileged to be working with the Singapore Hospice Council on such an important national and human agenda. With an increasing ageing population, it is important that we alleviate as much suffering as possible. The work is our small contribution to this noble cause and we really hope it reaches each and every Singaporean family,” Rowena Bhgachandani, CEO, BLK J, added.