Singapore Airlines unveils soundtrack promoting new non-stop route to Seattle

Singapore Airlines has released a new music track as part of the "Seattle sounds even better now" global campaign to mark its first non-stop Singapore to Seattle route. Created in collaboration with Seattle-based DJ, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist Chong the Nomad (Alda Agustiano), the track features ambient sounds from the Airbus A350.

According to a media release, Chong is famed for her "tech-infused" musical creations, often with recordings of unusual sounds. For the campaign, she used the Airbus A350 as a musical instrument and sampled the entire aircraft to compose the track titled Non-Stop.

The campaign will be launched across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram over the next four weeks. Non-Stop is available for the public to hear on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube.


Singapore Airlines SVP sales and marketing, Campbell Wilson said the launch of a non-stop flight to Seattle is an "exciting and important milestone" for the company. "We wanted to have a little fun and pay a contemporary tribute to Seattle’s incredible music heritage by creating a music track that’s completely one-of-a-kind,” he added.

TBWA\\Singapore and PHD Singapore is the respective creative and media agency behind the campaign. The campaign includes a "making-of" film trailer, capturing Chong as she explores, records and produces the Non-Stop soundtrack in both Singapore and Seattle. When conceiving the campaign idea, the agency's creative team started with music as a premise, said the press release.

Robert Nelk and Mark Peeters, TBWA\\Singapore's senior art director and senior copywriter, said: "Kudos to Singapore Airlines for embracing the opportunity to creatively innovate – and thank you Chong for the awesome ‘fly’ track that exceeded our already high expectations.”

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From the cockpit to the tail and from the wheels to the engines, Chong recorded over 45 different sounds. Many are recognisable to passengers, including the roar of the engine, clink clinks from silverware, the click of a seatbelt, the ding of the flight attendant button, and the voice of the Singapore Girl. Other, less accessible sounds, including taps on the tyres of the Airbus A350’s nose-wheel and the whirrs and ratchets of cockpit controls are embedded in the mix as beats and bass.

TBWA\\Singapore was awarded the Singapore Airlines business earlier this year as part of an integrated pitch with PHD. TBWA\\ Singapore has been the incumbent agency for Singapore Airlines since 2007.

Campaign credits:
Campaign: Seattle Sounds Even Better Now
Client: Singapore Airlines
Agency: TBWA\ Singapore
Media Agency: PHD